blueflowermaskSPRINGFIELD – Building upon the smart infrastructure investments supported by State Senator Laura Fine, the Illinois Department of Transportation will invest $27.6 million in road and bridge improvement projects for the 9th Senate District.

“Transportation infrastructure is an essential part of daily living for drivers who are traveling for work, running errands, or visiting our area,” said Fine (D-Glenview). “Investing in infrastructure will ensure our roadways are up to the highest standard of quality and safety.”

As part of IDOT’s latest Multi-Year Plan under Rebuild Illinois, the 9th Senate District will benefit from $27.6 million in infrastructure investment, over the next six years, into 16 infrastructure projects.

A few of the projects that will receive funding in the next year include:

  • Pavement preservation on IL 21, Milwaukee Avenue, and Willow Road
  • Bridge reconstruction on Forest Way Drive and Willow Road
  • Traffic signal modernization at Lake Avenue

These projects are part of IDOT’s multi-year plan, a $34.6 billion investment in construction projects for the next six fiscal years.  

The $34.6 billion will go to highway reconstruction and preservation, bridge improvements, strategic expansion, system support such as engineering and land acquisition, and safety and system modernizations. Over six years, the funding will be dispersed to improve more than 2,500 miles of roads and nearly 10 million square feet of bridges.

“IDOT’s multi-year plan is essential for the safety of commuters and travelers all over our state,” Fine said. “I am eager to see the results of this investment in my home district and across Illinois.”

To find a full list of projects slated for the 9th Senate District, visit IDOT’s website.