compost awareness week

SPRINGFIELD – To highlight the benefits of composting and the importance of adopting more sustainable practices, State Senator Laura Fine introduced a Senate Resolution declaring May 7th through May 13th of 2023 “Compost Awareness Week” in Illinois.

“There are many sustainable practices we can adopt to better support our environment and our planet,” said Fine (D-Glenview). “This week, we are highlighting the benefits of composting, including preventing waste and replenishing our natural resources, to inspire people to adopt composting in their daily lives.”

Composting is an effective form of waste reduction and recycling. Organic materials, such as yard trimmings, vegetable cuttings, biosolids, food scraps, manure and hay shavings make up approximately 30% of the material going to landfills. Organic materials can be converted into compost, which prevents further waste being unnecessarily added to landfills. It also has beneficial properties when added back into soil, such as conserving water, decreasing dependence on chemical fertilizers and reducing erosion.

In an effort to increase awareness and to encourage more people to compost, Senator Fine sponsored Senate Resolution 62. This Resolution recognizes and promotes the importance of composting and the ways compost can grow healthier food, support healthy soil and create a more just and sustainable world.

The State of Illinois will observe Compost Awareness Week from May 7 through May 13 this year. View more information on the international compost awareness campaign.