State Senator Laura Fine on the Senate floorSPRINGFIELD – Insurance coverage for infertility treatments would expand beyond women in heterosexual relationships under legislation sponsored by State Senator Laura Fine (D-Glenview), which passed the Senate Thursday.

“Women of all ages, medical histories, partner statuses and sexual orientations should receive coverage for infertility treatment,” Senator Fine said. “This expansion would open the door for more Illinoisans to become mothers.”

Current coverage requirements only protect infertility treatments for women under 35 who are unable to become pregnant after one year of trying, women over 35 who are unable to become pregnant after six months, and women who are not medically able to conceive.

Senator Fine’s measure would expand coverage to include single women and women unable to conceive with a partner.

“Anyone who wants to start or grow a family deserves to be covered for necessary infertility treatment on their journey to motherhood,” Senator Fine said. “I’m excited to work with my fellow legislators and mothers in the General Assembly to make coverage more inclusive for the millions of Illinois women struggling with infertility.”

House Bill 3709 passed the Senate with a vote of 49-6.

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State Senator Laura FineSPRINGFIELD – Epilepsy specialists would be reimbursed by the Department of Healthcare and Family Services for providing telehealth treatment services under a measure sponsored by State Senator Laura Fine (D-Glenview), which passed the Senate Thursday.

“Telehealth has become beneficial for many individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic, and this measure will help ensure Illinoisans can seek treatment in the way that’s most comfortable for them,” Senator Fine said.

More than 65 million people around the world are living with epilepsy, according to the Epilepsy Foundation, and many have chosen to seek telehealth treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic. Senator Fine’s legislation would ensure epilepsy specialists in Illinois receive the reimbursement they deserve for providing treatment via telehealth to individuals with epilepsy or related disorders.

“Illinois families should be able to receive timely and proximate treatment, and telehealth services are often the best option,” Senator Fine said. “Patients seeking telehealth treatment for epilepsy and related disorders will benefit from this legislation.”

House Bill 3025 passed the Senate with a vote of 57-0.

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State Senator Laura FineSPRINGFIELD – Illinoisans filing claims for disability benefits would not be required to pay for mandatory copies of medical records under legislation from State Senator Laura Fine (D-Glenview), which passed the Senate Thursday.

“Individuals applying for benefits should not have to jump through hoops and pay unnecessary fees for records required to file benefits claims,” Senator Fine said. “Benefit programs should help people struggling financially, not add to their financial burden.”

Current law allows homeless indigent veterans to receive medical records from health care facilities and practitioners at no cost to support claims for veterans’ disability benefits. Senator Fine’s measure would expand eligibility to allow anyone to receive free medical records to support a claim for veterans’ disability, Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, or Aid to the Aged, Blind or Disabled benefits.

“Our vulnerable populations should be able to file claims for benefits without the financial burden of paying for copies of medical records,” Senator Fine said. “I’m happy to see the General Assembly working to break down barriers to benefit programs.”

House Bill 714 passed the Senate with a vote of 57-0.

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State Senator Laura Fine (D-Glenview) on the Senate floorSPRINGFIELD – In an effort to improve health care access and affordability for pregnant women, State Senator Laura Fine (D-Glenview) introduced a measure to establish a permanent licensure pathway for freestanding birth centers, which passed committee Tuesday.

“As health care disparities continue to widen in our state, it’s important that we increase access to quality, affordable health care,” Senator Fine said. “A pathway to permanent licensure for freestanding birth centers will create more opportunities for the women who rely on their services.”

Senator Fine’s legislation would create the Birth Center Licensing Act, lifting the current cap on the number of freestanding birth center licenses so more women, especially those experiencing health care disparities, have access to the birthing style they prefer. Freestanding birth centers would still be regulated under the Alternative Health Care Delivery Act, and licenses would have to be renewed every year.

Freestanding birth centers are a lower-cost option for expectant mothers seeking a more homelike approach to childbirth and who do not want a hospital setting. There are currently just two freestanding birth centers in Illinois that provide this style of care.

“Women should be able to choose between a home birth, a hospital birth and the choice in between: freestanding birth centers,” Senator Fine said. “Lifting the licensure cap for birth centers will be an immense help for Illinoisans seeking a certified nurse midwife to help them bring their child into the world.”

House Bill 3995 passed the Senate Health Committee and now goes to the full Senate.

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